J Bar Fallen E Ranch

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J Bar Fallen E Ranch is a premier equestrian facility focused on quality education for horse enthusiasts, whole-some events for the community, and second chances for our equine companions.

In 2008 a little bay horse changed my life forever. On the surface, he was a malnourished, severely neglected gelding named Jesse, but under that mistreated exterior beat a heart of pure gold. With time, Jesse became trusting, willing, and understanding, and he taught me to view my world through his rose colored glasses. In three months time Jesse gained 200 pounds of fat and muscle, began walking on healthy hooves once again, and revealed to me his remarkable ability to teach people of all ages to appreciate the spirit of the west that makes him—and all horses—so great.

This seemingly insignificant rescue horse turned out to be a valiant steed that changed not only my life, but the life of dozens of children and horse lovers to date. Jesse is among thirteen rescue horses that I have been a part of taking in, rehabilitating, and placing, and he is both the foundation and capstone of J Bar Fallen E Ranch: he made me into the equestrian I am today and has given me a-whole-new meaning to the phrase “horse lover.”

Jesse and I, along with the other extraordinary ranch horses, have created a haven for horse lovers of all ages to explore, practice, and become a great American cowboy or cowgirl while at JBFE Ranch. Our humble northern Colorado ranch sits on 36 beautiful acres of open plains that beckon you to soak up the sunshine, breathe in the pure air, and discover the western spirit in your heart.

Join us on this adventure. Find the cowboy or cowgirl in you. Believe in second chances.


Katie Geist                 

Ranch Owner              

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